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Holiday thoughts from Orlando Webcasts

Webcasts inform and engage audiences

The growth of webcasts - and streaming media in general - has changed the way organizations connect with their stakeholders. Video webcasts bring the viewer to the event, allowing them to see the presenters, along with their presentations including videos, PowerPoint decks or other collateral.

Viewers can download participant materials including workbooks, handouts or other reference items provided in-room attendees. Viewers can ask questions to the presenters, usually through an integrated Q&A window in the webcast browser page and sometimes through an operator-moderated phone call.

After the webcast concludes, the event is archived and available for playback to approved audiences.

Security is sometimes a concern, so all events, both live and on-demand have the ability to limit audiences by password protection and URL checking.

Some events, like keynote sessions of conferences, can be an opportunity to promote your company, organization or brand to a wider audience. In those cases, registration can be set to capture the viewers name, email and other pertinent information for future follow-up.

If you're planning an event in 2017 in Central Florida, Orlando Webcasts offers a variety of webcasting options, scaled for any size event and audience. We officially launch our services in January in Orlando, including service to the surrounding areas along the I-4 corridor from Tampa to Daytona Beach. Stay tuned for additional information on Orlando Webcasts!

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Webcasts deliver your event to a wider audience




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