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Streaming Saturday - a look at live streaming sites in Florida

We're introducing a new series of posts that will share live streaming sites all around the Sunshine State (and maybe a few other places as well). The focus of these sites will be points of interest that include historic sites, scenic vistas, the natural environment and city views, among other topics.

The first site we're sharing is a popular site right now; the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, shared by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, Inc. in Fort Myers, FL. Two Bald Eagles, Harriet and M15 have a nest and saw their eaglet hatch on December 31st, 2016. Tens of thousands of viewers around the world are tuning in every day to take a peak at the life of this pair and their eaglet.

(3-22-17 Update: The eaglet, known as E9, has fledged and often is off the nest and in a nearby tree. Two additional cameras are available on the website to help track E9 as he explores the area around the nest.)

The website includes three camera angles and a chat window that allows viewers the chance to learn about the eagles. Moderators are on the site regularly to discuss the raptors and change the camera field of view. The site also contains some history of the webcam, Harriet and M15. Take a peak at http://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html#

Harriet and M15 (rt) look over their hatchling
Harriet and M15 watch over their hatchling.

A few years ago, two cameras live streamed 24 hours a day would have been a very expensive undertaking. With YouTube Live, the cost of the content distribution network has disappeared. The cameras and their maintenance, website and other costs are still present, but fortunately Dick Pritchett Real Estate, Inc. has underwritten the costs so all of us can watch these beautiful eagles in Southwest Florida.

While our market is business events streamed to targeted audiences, we appreciate the many applications that live video streaming offers everyone. From business events, to special occasions to personal updates, live video feeds surround us and have become a daily part of our lives.

If we can assist in business applications of live streaming, please contact us at [email protected] Our website is https://orlandowebcasts.com.

Thanks for tuning in and stop back soon for another Streaming Saturday! Have a great weekend!


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