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Streaming Saturday - I-4 traffic webcam in downtown Orlando

This week, we're close to home! If you've traveled I-4 through Orlando, you knowt there is a multi-year construction project called "I-4 Ultimate" that is making the already tedious task of traveling I-4 just a little more cumbersome. The Florida Department of Transportation created a website keep motorists updated on the construction project.

FDOT I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project
FDOT I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project

The website includes live streaming video feeds that provide a view of current traffic conditions at three locations in the Orlando area.

The first is downtown Orlando at I-4 and SR 408 (Sunrail tracks toward bottom left of screen, Amway Center at right edge of screen, camera looks southwest) as seen below.

The other cameras feature I-4 at Kirkman Road (near Universal Studios, camera looks north/northwest) and I-4 at Maitland Boulevard (camera looks west/southwest). Visit the FDOT website streaming video page at

The possible uses of live streaming video are endless. While the webcams featured on Streaming Saturday are niche applications, they support our belief that live streaming video can be used in nearly any situation that helps businesses, organizations and governments connect with their targeted audiences.

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