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February 2017

Periscope and Facebook offer new live streaming opportunities

Webcasts are changing...and that's a good thing for businesses, organizations and brands. Thanks in large part to Twitter and Facebook, the way companies reach their audience has become faster, cheaper and more effective. While large corporations often need the capabilities and security of enterprise-level webcasts, public facing events normally do not.

Conferences and Meetings can benefit from live streaming.
Conferences and Meetings can benefit from live streaming.

Facebook and Twitter have continued to improve their live features, allowing webcasters to connect to their platform and deliver a more polished, professional event when needed. Using an iPhone for spur of the moment events is acceptable and provides a viral feel to the broadcasts and viewers enjoy being a part of that experience.

There are times, however, those same companies and brands could use a more professional broadcast. Perhaps it's a keynote address, a monthly meeting or special event that organizers would like to share with a larger audience. Live video streaming to Facebook, Twitter (Periscope), YouTube, and other platforms, becomes a low-cost and highly effective means of reaching your existing fans and while developing new ones.

Our encoding equipment accepts audio and video from nearly any source.
Our encoding equipment accepts audio and video from nearly any source.

Many conferences already have professional cameras and audio for the in-room video screens (IMAG or Image MAGnification). By adding our encoding equipment and a high-speed internet connection, you now have the ability to share your event to a much larger audience via Twitter, Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and others. These events can be scheduled, publicized and even archived for viewing after the live event ends.

 If you event, presentation, conference or meeting needs to reach a web audience, give us a call. We have solutions that can integrate your event with Facebook Live, Twitter/Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitch and other social media platforms. Call us at 407-362-9490 or email us at [email protected]