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Gain viewers even after your live event has ended

When consulting with clients prior to their live event, a standard question is 'what life will the event have after it has ended?' Many clients already know the answer, but some honestly had not thought beyond producing the event. Our suggestion: make the event video available for replay for those that missed the live presentation. 

There are several options that should be considered to maximize distribution. First, is the audience limited to employees, investors or other stakeholders, or is the content appropriate for anyone who wants to view the replay? Second, what is the best way to reach that audience?

For events with restricted viewership, we recommend keeping the event within our secure webcasting and webinar platform. Viewers must have appropriate logins, emails or passwords to enter and view the event. We archive our events for 6 months at no additional charge. Longer term archives are available when needed.

For events intended for or benefiting the general public and/or a wider targeted audience, there are several options available. If the event is on Facebook or YouTube, make sure the event is available for on-demand viewing once the live feed has concluded. Simply continue to promote the event at the same URL, page or channel.

For an even wider reach, post the video beyond the original platform. One service we use is Vimeo. Videos can be uploaded with descriptions, keywords, embedding and security options and more. Players can be customized, clickable calls-to-action enabled and detailed analytics reviewed.

Online Video featured an article highlighting some of these capabilities for business clients:

Live conference on healthcare
Live conference on healthcare

Vimeo is a paid service, so it's ad-free and offers unlimited bandwidth for viewers to watch your videos. Another benefit is moving video storage off company servers and let Vimeo handle the heavy lifting. Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Business are recommended solutions to our clients that want a professional video presence online. Using Vimeo or similar services allow your live events to continue to gain viewers days, weeks and months after the event has ended.

To learn more about producing a live streaming event, including webcasts and webinars, contact Orlando Webcasts. We offer full video production, encoding, editing and web distribution services for clients throughout the United States.

Corporate Communications professionals use webcasts to reach stakeholders

Companies and organizations are under increasing pressure to ensure employees and stakeholders know the latest company news, especially during events such as mergers, acquisitions or expansions. It's equally important to keep staff informed and committed to company missions, goals and values throughout the year. Corporate communications departments are usually tasked with these internal communication matters, and many find webcasts an effective solution.

For internal communications, webcasts allow management to reach concerned parties at one time, through one event, often less than an hour in length. Webcasts can also reach customers, shareholders, government, media and the general public for external corporate communications events.

Orlando Webcast Live Streaming Video

A webcast allows important messages to come directly from members of senior management and other officials. While most webcasts are live, some are pre-recorded and made available at a later date. Webcasts can include PowerPoint slides, as well as videos to enhance the presentation. Viewers can participate through polls, surveys and submit questions to presenters. If sensitive information is to be presented in the webcast, password protection, URL checking and other security options are available.

When you work with Orlando Webcasts, our events do not require any downloads,  plug-ins, apps or Flash Player to view the webcast. Viewers are provided a URL where they access the live or recorded webcast. When bandwidth is a concern, we offer Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR)  viewing, which automatically switches the stream to a lower bit rate, allowing more viewers without sacrificing bandwidth in the office.

Orlando Webcasts provides webcasting, live streaming and video production services for companies, brands, government and organizations. Visit our website at or call us at 407-362-9490.