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Are you ready to webcast?

Meetings and conferences are wonderful to attend and are usually filled with informative, educational and even entertaining presentations. Webcasts expand the reach of your events to those who couldn't attend. Whether live, or on-demand, filming and streaming your event allows additional impact and influence that otherwise may be lost.

In fact, the cost of 6 or 7 plane tickets could likely the cost of webcasting your meeting or conference keynote and important sessions to your employees, associates, volunteers, trainees or other stakeholders. Those same live events are viewable on-demand for six months at no additional charge, so those in attendance can also benefit from the webcast.

Webcasts extend the reach and impact of important announcements
Webcasts extend the reach and impact of important announcements

Are you ready to webcast? Not sure? Give Orlando Webcasts a call. We'll discuss your conference, meeting or event and how live streaming could benefit your company or organization. We can be reached at 407-362-9490 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.


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