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November 2017

Streaming Saturday - A favorite returns

Almost a year ago, we discovered the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam in Fort Myers, FL. The webcams are mounted above the nest of two Bald Eagles, Harriet and M15. The webcams are turned on in the fall and usually run through the spring before being turned off during the summer months. This past week, Harriet laid two eggs which, with luck, will hatch sometime in late December. **UPDATE** Both eggs hatched in late December.

You can read the whole story of the Eagle Cam at

Watch and maybe you'll get hooked like we did!

Giving Thanks

We hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be spending time with family and friends during our three-day break between November 22-24. We'll be back in the office on Monday, November 27th.

While we should give thanks throughout the year, this holiday provides an opportunity to reflect on the past year. We certainly are thankful for our wonderful clients who call on us when they need live streaming services. Our contractors, vendors and partners are simply outstanding and we couldn't succeed without their assistance.

Calling Orlando home is just one of the items we're grateful for this year.
Calling Orlando home is just one of the items we're grateful for this year.
Photo by Mike Forrester

Lastly, I am personally thankful for my family and the sacrifices they make in allowing me to pursue my passion. I'm fortunate to be working in an industry that excites and challenges me every day - and provides satisfaction in seeing projects completed successfully. It's been a great year.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

- Mike Forrester