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December 2017

Season's Greetings from Orlando Webcasts

When you grow up in Florida, as I did, the holiday season looks and feels considerably different from northern states. That said, unless you had a heated swimming pool, it was still too cold for most natives to take a swim in late December! Perhaps we're a bit 'lightweight' when it comes to handling the cold, but we'll gladly suffer through the 70 and 80 degree days in the winter.

My uncle owned an orange grove in Central Florida and it was this time of year when the oranges were on the tree, ripening in advance of a January picking. While most of his oranges were destined to become juice, he had a few naval, tangerine and other varieties that he maintained for our family. I enjoyed picking oranges from the tree and eating one before we departed the grove. They were always delicious.

Oranges, in a way, also represented the holidays.  Like snow on the ground, an orange on the tree was a sure sign the holidays were upon us. So this holiday season, enjoy some traditional meals and drinks, and maybe, just maybe, eat an orange. I sure will. Happy Holidays!

Santa in a Florida orange grove.
Santa in a Florida orange grove.