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When the weather impacts your conference, Live Stream it!

Most of our live stream events are booked weeks in advance, but earlier this month, we received a call for a next-day stream. Winter weather was  wreaking havoc in the Northeast and airlines were cancelling flights, which impacted attendees for a conference here in Orlando.

To solve this problem, the conference organizers decided to live stream a full day of their two-day event, allowing those who couldn't make it to Orlando to attend virtually. 

Single camera live stream to GoToWebinar
Single camera live stream to GoToWebinar

Orlando Webcasts provided the camera, wireless microphones, audio mixer, converter equipment and laptops for the 9-hour live stream. We connected to the clients GoToWebinar account where the remote viewers connected to the live conference. We connected to the internet with a wired connection provided by the hotel.

GoToWebinar interface during the live stream
GoToWebinar interface during the live stream

This was a small conference, so every attendee was very important. Using an existing asset, GoToWebinar, the organizers insured those stuck in the Northeast were not left out in the cold!

We were pleased to be part of the solution and worked with the client to provide our crew and equipment at an affordable price that met their budget.

Thinking about live streaming your conference, keynote or session? Orlando Webcasts can live stream to any social or business platform and can provide the camera, microphones, lighting and all the encoding equipment needed to connect you to your audience. Call us at 407-362-9490 or email us at [email protected].

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