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Fourth of July in Orlando

On Independence Day, 2018, much of the country will take the day off and enjoy time with friends and family. Many will cap the evening watching a fireworks show.

If you're in Orlando, you have some of the best fireworks displays in the nation on a nightly basis (looking at you, WDW) and Visit Orlando has published a list that includes the more popular fireworks shows in the region.

The City of Orlando features a great evening of entertainment at one of our favorite spots - Lake Eola.

No matter where you watch fireworks, we wish you a happy, safe and memorable Fourth of July!

Orlando's Lake Eola fountain, turned red, white and blue for the 4th.

We'll be out celebrating the 4th of July as well, so give us a call on the 5th of July to discuss your webcasting, encoding and live streaming needs. Thank you!




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