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Live streaming made easy with Orlando Webcasts

As the popularity of live streaming and webcasting grows in the corporate and convention markets, we receive inquiries about our services and how an Orlando Webcasts live video stream can be incorporated into conferences, town halls, meetings and other events.

We guide our clients through the entire process and make recommendations based on your requirements and budget. In this post, we'll briefly explain your options on getting started with live streaming an event. 

Live streaming from an Orlando convention hotel.
Live streaming a breakout session at an Orlando conference.

Nearly any event can be live streamed, provided the availability of a high-speed Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 6Mbps, though higher speeds could be required for certain events. Contact the venue IT department and confirm the connection speeds, along with any associated costs. A hard line connection is preferred over a wireless connection.

Next, who is your audience? Are they employees? Investors? Fans? Does the presentation content include confidential information or do you want to reach as many people as possible?

Depending on your answers, there are several distribution methods available. Orlando Webcasts can stream to any platform or portal and we can recommend the platform that best meets your requirements.

Will a free service like YouTube or Facebook reach your audience? These outlets can reach tens of thousands of viewers and are frequently used for conferences, announcements and promotional events.

Is a paid service like UStream, Vimeo or GoToWebinar a better choice? These platforms can be password-protected, allowing only those you choose to view the live stream.

Your third option is a private webcasting platform which provides security, better integration with PowerPoint slides and video playback, a Q&A function to ask the presenter questions, detailed analytics, custom branding, an online archive of past events and other benefits. This option can also be the most expensive depending on the size of the audience and length of the webcast.

Choosing the correct distribution method is an important decision. Orlando Webcasts works with all of the options listed above and will help you determine the best solution.

Live investor update webcast by Orlando Webcasts
Live investor update webcast by Orlando Webcasts

Now it's time to decide how the video and audio are going to be filmed at the event site. 

Depending on where the event is held, you may need to work with the in-house Audio/Visual company and use their crew, microphones, camera(s), lighting and other gear they are contracted to provide conferences and meetings. Large events may already have IMAG (image magnification) cameras in the general session rooms. In either case, we work with the A/V company to receive a feed from their camera and use that feed as the video source for the live stream event.

In other locations, we can supply the crew, camera, microphones and lighting. Each event is unique, so we offer customized solutions to fit the needs of each project.

Camera operator at town hall webcast
Camera operator at town hall webcast

Once the venue, crew and platform are selected, Orlando Webcasts will work with you to customize the look and feel of your event player, including graphics and logos, slide decks and playback videos, along with other elements needed for the webcast.

We'll schedule a site visit, confirm load-in and test times, and handle the production of your live streaming event. Post-show, we'll provide audience logistics for private webcasts,  an archive recording of the program and complete other tasks needed to wrap up the production.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page on the Orlando Webcasts website offers additional information. It's an easy way to learn more about webcasts and live streaming. One of our most important tasks is to educate and inform our clients about options, services and capabilities.

Ready to go? Have additional questions? Give us a call or send us an email. We'll answer your questions and make recommendations so your event is a streaming success. Call 407-362-9490, Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM Eastern Time, or visit our website at

Orlando Corporate Media, Inc., dba Orlando Webcasts is an Orlando-based video live streaming, webcasting and video production company. We provide corporate communications tools to businesses and brands that allow them to efficiently and effectively reach their audience. Call Orlando Webcasts today for a free consultation and quote. Reach us at 407-362-9490. 

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