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June 2020

Orlando Webcasts returns to location production of live stream events

After two months of producing only virtual webcasts and webinars, Orlando Webcast has returned to working on location for client projects. Our first project took us to the Florida Keys, where we connected our presenter with two other presenters in other parts of the country. The three then hosted a virtual event streamed live to their online audience.


Two weeks later, we live streamed two days of virtual product demos for a healthcare company. Clients around the US were invited to view the demonstrations which were streamed to the clients WebEx account. Viewers could ask questions at the end of each demo, providing the presenters an opportunity to share detailed, specific information about the equipment.

This two-camera event included monitor feeds from both pieces of equipment so viewers could see both the hardware and software capabilities and interfaces.

Orlando Webcasts was contracted by Remy Productions to handle the encoding and live streaming of the project.

On location in Orlando, FL for a live sales demonstration
On location in Orlando, FL for a live sales demonstration

While remotely-produced webcasts make up the majority of our productions, we enjoy the opportunity to safely produce on-site events when practical.

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