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November 2020

Wrapping up our virtual year

Orlando Webcasts quickly made the switch from on-site to virtual events in the month of March. In the matter of a week or two, we went from being cancelled at one of the largest events at the Orange County Convention Center, to being booked 5 days a week with two of our webcasting partners. Over the course of the year, we also navigated a few on-site webcasts and live streams, especially later in the year.

This year, it looks like we will produce nearly 300 events, about 30 on-site and the remainder fully virtual. They range from sales presentations, equipment showcases and educational workshops to town halls, investor updates and medical discussions.

For each of the virtual events, we record important details, times, phone numbers and other information. We've kept this growing stack of reports, 2 of which fill one side of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

Event checklists
Live stream event checklists

We look forward to a return to normal - whenever that may be. In the interim, contact us to learn more about our virtual event services. Presenters and staff can be located anywhere in the world and connect to our webcast platform using their laptop or desktop computer with a webcam. Audience members can see the presenters, slides and videos on their devices.

Webcast screenshot
Webcast audience player

Learn more about our virtual meeting and event services by visiting our website at

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