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Virtual webcasts became the norm in 2020

2020 was a year of change and transition for almost everyone, and the same held true for us. In early March, we could no longer work on location at the conventions, meetings and conferences scheduled for Orlando area hotels and convention centers. No one was traveling and going into the office was not an option for most, so alternatives had to be found.

It seemed every company was scrambling to find the best way to stay in touch with employees, vendors and their customers. While some had already been using webcasts and webinars, the pandemic introduced a whole new audience to the convenience of online meetings. There was a fundemental shift in the way everyone communicated. Some liked it, some did not, though we all had to embrace it if we wanted to stay connected.

Orlando Webcasts also made the change from being on location to a totally virtual production environment. We needed to connect anyone to everyone, no matter the location. Every client is different, so the solution is as well. Some clients found Zoom or WebEx met their needs, while others wanted a more polished, professional look to their events. Since we partner with several online platforms, we were able to offer solutions that met both needs and budget.

Live webcast with remote presenter
Live webcast with remote presenter


We worked remotely on live webcasts that featured presenters and speakers around the globe. Regions included North, Central and South America, the Carribean, Europe, Australia, New Zeland, Japan and Southeast Asia. Due to the time differences, we worked at all hours to accommodate our clients.

Remote productions were 100% of our business for several months, but then we started to see a small change. A couple of clients were willing to produce sales presentations with only 2 staff members, plus our three webcast crew members in a large conference room. We all maintained our distance, wore marks and used lots of hand sanitizer! This method was a game changer for our clients as well. While their sales force could not travel to meet with clients and demonstrate their equipment, we could show it virtually. Two-way communication allowed viewers to ask the presenter questions.

Socially-distanced crew on live sales presentation.
Socially-distanced crew on live sales presentation.

Ingenuity led both our customers and our team to new solutions during the pandemic. We still average just one in-person event a month, and those require a COVID rapid test before we enter the venue, but the calls and inquiries increase every week for clients looking to book us on Orlando area events later this year.

We're glad to see 2020 behind us, and look forward to working safely and responsibly with our clients this year, and in the future.

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