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Live stream camera features downtown Winter Garden

Orlando Webcasts is pleased to be the sponsor of the new live stream camera in downtown Winter Garden, Florida. Owner Mike Forrester envisioned the project last year and proposed the idea to the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, which has its museum at the corner of Plant and Main Streets. The view from the museum looks west onto Plant Street, the clock tower and the downtown Historic District.

Once the idea was approved by the Foundation, Mike selected the camera and operating software for the 24/7 live stream. He chose the location and supervised the installation of the camera and ethernet connections.

After the camera was online, Mike spent the next few days selecting camera angles, adjusting bandwidth settings, and creating the text and logo overlays that appear on screen. While fixed in its position, has the ability to change the zoom internally. This allows multiple scenes, of which two are currently selected that alternate views every 90 minutes.

The live stream will be sponsored by Orlando Webcasts for the first year of operation. We will monitor the stream quality and address any technical issues.


The live stream is featured on the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation website,

It can also be found on the Central Florida Railroad Museum website,

We hope you enjoy taking a look at historic downtown Winter Garden. To learn about downtown shops, restaurants, entertainment and activities, visit

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