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June 2021

On location production in Orlando

We rolled into June with a three-day live stream from the Orange County Convention Center - our first visit there in more than a year. The conference featured two rooms, one for keynotes and one for breakouts. Sessions in both rooms were live streamed for 4-5 hours each day of the conference. 

OW Encoding Workstation
Encoding workstation in the keynote room.

After the morning sessions, the two camera crews moved to the trade show floor where we filmed displays, vendors and competitions. As soon as each segment was filmed, the footage was edited on-site and uploaded to the server, allowing virtual attendees to see what was occurring at the show.

ARCH Tint Competition
Architectural window tinting competition

This hybrid conference provided options for attendees to gather in person, or to participate online, or both. All the sessions and trade show segments are available to attendees to watch for the next few weeks.

Orlando Webcasts provided camera crews, wireless microphones, video encoding and streaming, on-site editing, along with pre-production, location scouting and setup and test prior to the first day of the event.

After 16 months of producing almost exclusively virtual events, it felt good to see clients in person and hear the buzz of excitement and engagement of attendees at the convention center.

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