Video and Television

Our background in broadcast serves clients today

Live streaming is what we do, but it's video and audio that we're moving on that live stream. Our background is broadcast television production, and that's one of our advantages when it comes to our experience.

Our owner, Mike Forrester, spent a good part of his career working in satellite trucks, often as a network cameraman, other times as a producer for The Weather Channel, CNN, ABC, Bloomberg and other news networks. He also owned a television studio in Atlanta, Georgia that connected to television networks around the country for live shots with guests ranging from celebrities to policitians and business leaders.

FM Live Studio Shot
Preparing for a live discussion at the Atlanta Studio

For nearly two decades, Mike was one of The Weather Channel's trusted vendors, supplying crews and satellite trucks when severe weather threatened, especially during hurricane season. Mike's first live shot for them was in 1999, in Wrightsville Beach, NC for Hurricane Dennis. Mike was teamed with Meteorologist Jim Cantore, who he eventually worked with regularly and traveled the country covering tropical systems, snow storms and tornado season in the Midwest.

Mike Hurricane Dennis
Cameraman Mike covering Hurricane Dennis in 1999.
Storm Chase in Oklahoma
Checking the afternoon skies outside the chase vehicle.

Through these experiences, and many more, Mike's skills were sharpened. Working at a network level required fast thinking, good shooting and clear audio. These skills were continually honed, allowing him the chance to work with some of the best networks in the world including Discovery and National Geographic.

For more than a decade, Mike traveled the country filming, producing and even editing projects. He shares that experience with other members of the Orlando Webcast team and actively recruits new team members with similar backgrounds.

After all, without video and audio, there's little to stream.

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