The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Live Stream Production Company

Looking to produce your first live stream? Need to improve your current events? Allow Orlando Corporate Media to handle everything from event setup to filming and live streaming. We specialize in providing high-quality video production services and ensuring seamless streaming for your events. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help take your live streams to the next level and create a more engaging and professional experience for your audience.

Live Stream Production Services from Orlando Corporate Media
Live Stream Production Services from Orlando Corporate Media

Our live streams can originate from almost anywhere, as long as quality cell service or internet connection is available. We have streamed from conventions, trade shows, meetings, workshops, training sessions, orientations, town halls, all-hands meetings, investor updates, medical offices, hospitals, office buildings, garages, parking lots, churches, funeral homes, residences, restaurants and many other locations.

We can provide a turnkey solution, handling all aspects of the live stream production, including cameras, audio and lighting, or work with AV companies to add a live stream component to existing services.

We have the knowledge and experience to set up the cameras in the most optimal positions, ensuring that every angle is captured perfectly. Additionally, we use professional lighting techniques to enhance the visual quality of your live stream, making it more visually appealing and engaging. With our professional audio equipment, we also ensure that the sound quality is impeccable, allowing viewers to hear every word of the event.

High-quality video production by Orlando Corporate Media will elevate the overall production value of your live stream and provide your viewers with a memorable experience.

Need to learn more about our services, visit our website or give us a call at 407-362-9490. We'll be happy to discuss your event and recommend a solution that meets your requirements.

Webinar and live stream productions highlighted in new video

The Orlando Webcasts website has been updated with new videos on the home page, including the 45-second highlight reel with clips from our webinars, live streams and corporate video productions. Take a look!

We're you're one-call solution to corporate video production, event videos, filming and interviews, live streams, webinars and virtual events. Award-winning and five-star rated, Orlando Webcasts serves Orlando, Tampa, Daytona and all of Central Florida.

Call today at 407-362-9490, or schedule a Zoom or phone call on Calendly.

Live streams: One size does not fit all

While Zoom, Teams and WebEx are everyday tools in most workplaces, some live streams require a more robust platform. That's why Orlando Webcasts utilizes over a dozen different live stream platforms. Each platform has its advantages, depending on use and the audience.

We learn what the client needs and make a recommendation for the platform best suited for their event. Sometimes there are multiple choices, each with different features and price points. Our equipment connects to any live stream service provider, so our goal is to ensure the client has a great experience with their selection.

The most requested platforms are the ones mentioned above; Zoom, Teams and WebEx. Companies, and their employees, are familiar with the platforms which makes them a default, easy choice. They are designed for full interactivity, which sometimes is not what a company may want on a specific event. Keeping people muted or cameras turned off can be troublesome and distracting to the presenter and audience.

Zoom Webinars are a good option when limited interaction is preferred, but with Zoom, branding is limited, so it may not be the right fit, especially when dealing with outside audiences that could include potential clients, shareholders, fans or other stakeholders.

On medium-sized events, we often use Vimeo as the network provider. Sometimes we stay entirely on the Vimeo platform. Other times, we deliver the stream to our in-house website (https://webcast321.com), or to a host platform where we build a custom page or microsite for the event that is branded, offers registration options and valuable viewer analytics. This is often the sweet spot for companies wanting to make a great impression at a good price point.

One the largest events, we have been using GlobalMeet, formerly TalkPoint, for more than a decade. This enterprise-grade platform ensures the security, features and capacity for thousands of viewers, along with detailed viewer analytics that are often required by Fortune 500 companies, healthcare and medical clients, and and other large organizations.

Here's a list of the live stream platforms we've connected to in the past year:

IBM Video Streaming
There are countless other platforms, and we can connect to any of them.

Confused? Don't be. We're here to guide you through the live stream process and recommend solutions that meet your needs. It's our goal for you to have a successful event from all sides - audience, presenters, support staff and, of course, price.

If you're ready to learn more, call us at 407-362-9490 or email us at [email protected] and we'll be glad to answer your questions.


Orlando Webcasts is a live stream, webcast, webinar, virtual meeting and event production company. We provide live stream services to businesses and brands that allow them to efficiently and effectively reach their audience. Call Orlando Webcasts today for a free consultation and quote. Reach us at 407-362-9490. 

Webcasts and Webinars for Business

When you need a professional look for your live events, Orlando Webcasts offers professional webcast and webinar production. These events can be custom branded with logos, URL, custom registration page and hosted on a microsite that promotes your message. Sponsor logos, chat, Q&A, viewer analytics, on-demand playback and other options are available.

Webcasts and Webinars

Learn more about our webcasts and webinars for business by visiting: https://www.orlandowebcasts.com/webcasts-webinars

Orlando Webcasts is a live streaming, virtual meeting, webcasting and event production company. We provide live stream services to businesses and brands that allow them to efficiently and effectively reach their audience, regardless of location. Call Orlando Webcasts today for a free consultation and quote. Reach us at 407-362-9490. 

Live streaming services and full service video support

Orlando Webcasts is more than webcasts. We're a full-service video solution for meetings, town halls, corporate communications, workshops and other business events.

Our on-site services include:
4K and HD camera crews
Wireless lavalier and handheld microphones
Audio mixing consoles
LED lighting panels and LED fresnel lamps
Confidence monitors
PerfectCue slide advancing systems
PlaybackPro video playback
4 and 8 input video switchers
4K and HD video recorders
On-site and post-event editing
Production planning and support

When you book our services, we can also provide quotes for your on-site AV equipment including:
Projectors and screens
Pipe and drape
Staging and lighting

When you take your event to an online audience, you increase exposure and impact. Our live streaming services include:
Video encoding
Live streaming to any online portal
Webcasts and webinars
HD recording of the presentation or event
Custom URL's of the live stream or webcast
HTTPS streaming
Password protection, URL checking and other security measures
Custom registration pages for webcasts and webinars
Custom branding on event pages including logos, sponsors, QR codes and more
On-demand playback of events after they have concluded
Online archive of event 
Live audience technical support
Q&A and chat functions
Private presenter chat
Virtual and hybrid event production
Remote presenters and producers
Live switching of on-screen presenters
PowerPoint and video playback integration
Event resources download link
Post-event editing and file delivery
Planning and live event management
Five Star service and support

Have a question about our live streaming services? Call us Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm at 407-362-9490, or visit our website where you can chat with us: https://www.orlandowebcasts.com.

Orlando Webcasts is a live streaming, virtual event and video production company. We provide companies and brands the online tools that allow them to efficiently and effectively reach their audience anywhere in the world. Call Orlando Webcasts today for a free consultation and quote at 407-362-9490. 



Webcasts and live streams were hot in 2020

The global pandemic required businesses and organizations to rethink how they communicate with their employees, investors and stakeholders. While we've been promoting webcasts and live streaming for a decade, 2020 was the year that nearly every business - and household - discovered the benefits of live streaming video.

Our business model evolved as well. In most years, the majority of our work took place at the client site - whether it be an office, convention or meeting. That worked disappeared overnight in March, replaced with virtual meetings. We connected presenters with their audiences and did it all from our homes using our professional webinar portal.

2020-07-15 (4)

As we moved through the summer months, clients turned to us for their sales and marketing needs as well. We produced several virtual sales presentations for a medical client, connecting their technical staff with existing and potentials, allowing instrument demonstrations and live Q&A with the presenters on an enterprise-quality webcast platform.


Orlando Webcasts assisted companies and non-profits with live streaming events including monthly membership meetings, board meetings and sales presentations using WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube and Facebook.


2020 has been a year of challenges and changes, and also one of opportunity. We've had the pleasure of working with local organizations that depend on community support as well as multi-national corporations needing to reach employees. We changed our operations to meet client demand and expanded our capabilities utilizing world-class webcasting platforms.

While we look forward to having clients return to on-location events, the pandemic necessitated a change in communication methods and we believe some of these changes will stay with us moving forward.

Orlando Webcasts is a live streaming, webcasting, webinar, virtual event and video production company. We provide corporate communications tools to businesses and brands that allow them to efficiently and effectively reach their audience, regardless of location. Call Orlando Webcasts today for a free consultation and quote. Reach us at 407-362-9490. 

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Live webinars and webcasts keep companies connected

Daily life for almost everyone has changed in the past month. For those of us in Orlando, March started much as usual, but in the first week, conventions begin cancelling. Walt Disney World closed mid-month, and shortly after that, Florida went on a stay-at-home order. Now mid-April, we have adapted to the new normal as best as possible.

Companies are adjusting to a work-at-home business model. Meetings are Zoom, Blue Jeans or Skype calls. Conventions are virtual and trade shows have become small, live streaming events to customers.

The pandemic has forced the hand of companies and organizations to adopt and integrate video, specifically live video, into their ecosystems. What was once considered a premium or optional service is now a basic requirement. We've all been on calls where interruptions are considered acceptable and normal, whether they be from children, pets or the dreaded leaf blower.

Companies now depend on live streaming to stay in contact with employees, associates, members or the public.

At Orlando Webcasts, we're remotely producing webcast and webinars every week - sometimes four or five events in one day. We recently produced an event covering the COVID-19 outbreak and this public forum had over 5000 live attendees who asked nearly 600 questions to the medical experts on the 1-hour broadcast. Other webinars have addressed the concerns of small business owners, answering questions about the Payroll Protection Program, SBA loans and tips for surviving this ordeal.

One consistent theme emerges from the majority of these events: People want information. They're hungry for it. In these unprecedented times, it's more important than ever to stay connected. Perhaps it's advice from trusted advisers. Maybe it's reassurance to employees with the latest company news. It could be information and insight to associates and stakeholders. Whatever the case, we're here to connect you from anywhere to everyone.

Webinar Player
Audio Webinar Player with Headshot and slide deck.

Our webinars are audio events that feature headshots, event branding, PowerPoint slide decks, question and answer functionality, password protection and much more.

Webcast Player
Webcast player with live video and slide deck.

Our webcasts feature live video, most often from webcams these days, with all the features of our webinars including on-demand replays, downloadable handouts and detailed analytics.

We produce these events remotely, allowing all presenters and viewers to participate virtually. We have managed webinars originating in Europe, Asia and North America. No location is too far. A phone line and internet connection is all that is needed - and in some situations, just the internet connection! We can schedule a one time event, or an on-going series.

To learn more on how we connect presenters and their audiences, email us at [email protected], or call us Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 5:oopm ET at 407-362-9490. Visit our website at: https://www.orlandowebcasts.com.

Orlando Corporate Media, Inc., dba Orlando Webcasts is an Orlando-based video live streaming, webcasting and video production company. We provide corporate communications tools to businesses and brands that allow them to efficiently and effectively reach their audience, regardless of location. Call Orlando Webcasts today for a free consultation and quote. Reach us at 407-362-9490. 

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